About Richard Mille

The world's top mechanical watch brand Richard Mille, with revolutionary watchmaking technology, has developed the most sophisticated tourbillon watch known worldwide. The inspiration of the watch's shock absorber and the function selection key are both from the car. The function selection key of the watch is the original technology of Richard Mille, which is like the gear of the car, with three gears of winding, time adjustment, and neutral. Position, which reduces the effect of winding or timing on the movement accuracy of the movement.

Richard Mille is regarded as an absolutely young brand in Swiss watches. Because of his youth, all rules cannot restrain it. As the main sports-style watch, Richard Mille plays almost all cool sports: racing, tennis, polo and even Chinese Kung Fu have loud and tough guys shouting for them. Even when displaying new products, it is necessary to take the lead in the Geneva Watch Fair and use 3D video to show all kinds of wonderful.

How much is Richard Mille worth?

Richard Mille watches start at around $80,000 USD and go up to several million dollars in price for some of their more exotic timepieces. Richard Mille releases at least a few different $1,000,00+ watches per a year, and the average price of one of their tourbillon watches ranges from about $500,000–$800,000.

How much does fake richard mille cost?

In Guangzhou, China. There is such a place. It sells 90% of replica watches worldwide. It also includes Richard Mille. The price is around $500-1000. Someone would say, why is there no higher price? If a Richard Mille replica sells 10000+, will anyone buy it? Without cost performance, few customers will choose. No demand market, a replica will not be generated. If you know that the mold opening cost of the replica is very expensive. If the number of people buying a template is not 1000+ people. There will be no factories to open mold production. So replica only sells hot styles.