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Account type: User
Profile views: 291
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Interested in: Woman, Man
Location: Norway
Last online: July 16, 2018 @ 22:10
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Interests: Depression, loser's, revenge, sorrow and sadness, grief, worst outcome, manipulation, evil, satisfaction of wrong choices and sad endings compared to happy ending.
Favorite Manga: The Flowers of Evil
Favorite Games: Lost my passion for games, but before that happened it was: Valiant Hearts.
Favorite Music: Everything, Gilbert O'Sullivan keep rocking my pants for the moment.
Favorite Movies: The Fountain Mr. Nobody Seven Pounds
Favorite Books: Donald Duck
Favorite Quotes: Death is the road to awe

About Me

I'm just a Norwegian boy and love to write reviews and wait some days to take it all in. Let the time pass with music as of right now: Why, Oh Why, Why - Gilbert O'Sullivan. I fall in love with everything and open to mostly everything, Lolicon, Hentai, Traps, Gore. I might have lost someone but if you there, I love to fantasize and keep the ball rolling; What if I did it? I shall not creep you anymore. PC, PlayStation, Handheld use to be my entertainment but after a fallout in work related stuff I couldn't find anything else to like until Manga. Main genre(s) is depression, losers, suicide, rage, sorrow and sadness, fantasy/revenge and would love to see any happy ever after become bad endings or have the worst thing happening in any complex situation.