The original draft for the Universe Survival Arc revealed

11 MAR 2018 Akira Toriyama's original plans and role in the development
  • The original draft for the Universe Survival Arc revealed

The original draft for the Universe Survival Arc revealed

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Sunday, Mar. 11, 2018



The official Dragonball site revealed on Friday an interview held with series director Ryota Nakamura (left) and producer Satoru Takami (right) to talk about the Universe Survival arc and their roles in its production, as well as giving us an insight on creator Akira Toriyama's role and original draft for this arc.

Toriyama's original proposal for the Tournament of Power included the 80-man battle royale, along with several character designs as well as the design for the fighting stage itself; among the first wave of character designs included: Jirren, Toppo, Dyspo, and the god of destruction Quitela.

Takami shared with us that there were no outlines for Jiren's personality in the draft, and the anime staff came up with a "hero of justice" to center around the hero squadron we identify with universe 11's Pride Troopers; however, upon sharing this with Akira Toriyama he dismissed the idea and insisted that Jiren was the silent type who spoke few words, and the animation team's original plans for Jiren were instead used for Toppo. It was also around this time that Toriyama sent the team Jiren's backstory which included the death of his parents, and the murder of the master he trained under. 

The idea of Toppo being a god of destruction candidate was also part of the original draft, and the animation team was left having to come up with a personality for Dyspo. It was not until Dyspo's voice actor, Bin Shamada, was officially casted for the role that they made the decision to create a personality that matched Mr. Shimada's tone. Aside from these 3 members of the Pride Troopers, the other members were all thought up and designed by the animation staff. Ribrianne's transformed appearance was also a design of Akira Toriyama, and it was the idea of the animation staff to add a small and cute girl to transform into that appearance. 

At one point there was a conferance meeting being held where they discussed the popularity of the character Broly, who many of us here remember from the famous Movie #10 "Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan", and so the anime staff came up with Kale to include for the Tournament of Power. Upon showing this design to Akira Toriyama, he came up with the design of Caulifla to go along with Kale as pair. 

Toriyama's original draft also had an outline for how the Tournament of Power would play out from beginning to end: who each of the Z-Warriors fight, who eliminates them, who wins, and even the Universe 7 roster down to Buu being replaced by Frieza as a twist! All of the main points were already written. As the staff worked on the finer details of the storyboard, it was also Akira Toriyama who both named and designed the Ultra Instinct transformation for Goku, with the intention of it being completely different from any of his previous Super Saiyan transformations. 

The next episode of Dragonball Super will air next week on March 18th, and it's exciting finale airing the week after on March 25th. Takumi tells us that he believes Toriyama may be setting up new stories with the ending of the Universal Survival arc, which could perhaps be a clue for more Dragonball content to come in the near future. Nakamura advises viewers to keep watching until the very end, and there'll be a little surprise for those who do! I know I will!

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