Umaru-Chan R Returning Characters

25 AUG 2017 Season 2 of the hit anime Comedy Umaru-Chan R will be airing in October
  • Umaru-Chan R Returning Characters

Umaru-Chan R Returning Characters

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Friday, Aug. 25, 2017



Everyone's Favorite Otaku Sister anime is getting ready to start this October as many of their characters are returning with their own trailer! The first one Starting the otaku Sister, Umaru-chan.

Aimi Tanaka will be repraising her role as Umaru-chan

Umaru Profile from the trailer

BIrthday - September 26th

Blood Type - AB

Height as a regular School Girl - 160 CM

Otaku Mode - 40 CM

And the recent new trailer, Umaru's best shy friend Ebina Will be making a return to Umaru R

Akari Kageyama will be returning her role as Ebina.

Ebina Profile

Birthday - October 19th

Blood Type O

Height - 155 CM

Himotu Umaru-chan follows the life of a highschool girl who has the best grades in her class, the most beautiful in the school, and is the kindest person you can imagine, but when she returns back home, She is turns into an otaku as she's an avid gamer, Loves to watch her favorite anime and read her favorite manga while eating her favorite snacks and cola everyday after school. Wearing her trade mark Hamster hoodie, she spends her days with her brother, Taihei, who only knows about her secret of the otaku life. Her friends, Ebina, Kirie, and Sylphinford do not know Umaru's otaku side (But kirie does but she doesn't know that High School Umaru and Otaku Umaru are the same, Kirie Believes that Otaku Umaru is Umaru's Little Sister, Komaru. She tends to call her master and call her cute) This is the story of Umaru-chan and her life of an otaku and high school the way she wants.

Himouto Umaru-Chan R will Air This October and will be availble to watch on Crunchyroll. If you have yet to watch Season 1 of Umaru-chan, All Episode are available to watch over at Crunchyroll! Sentai Film has the licence for the series.

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