Transforming Girls (Henkei Shoujo)

01 JUL 2017 Henkei Shojo Anime Short Redefines 'Transforming Girl'
  • Transforming Girls (Henkei Shoujo)

Transforming Girls (Henkei Shoujo)

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Saturday, Jul. 01, 2017



 DLE began streaming the "one chorus version" of the Henkei Shojo (Transformation Girls) net anime shorts' theme song "Me-Chu-Pa-La" on Friday. The video features animation from the first short, titled "Haru-hen" (Haru Version), which debuted on March 27.

The theme song performed by Haru is available for download on the project's official website. The first short (embedded below) has been viewed more than 1.65 million times, and it trended on Twitter. In the video, Haru transforms into a fighter plane to go after a hat that blows off another girl's head.

The project's concept is "What would you do if a girl nearby suddenly transformed?" The female characters undergo complete transformations, and Haru's transformation was the first that the project revealed. The project will announce Haru's voice actress on Monday. One person who correctly guesses the voice actress on Twitter will receive a poster signed by the voice actress.

What is a deformed girl?

Under the concept of "What if the familiar girl deformed Ikinari?" Under the concept, a beautiful girl is completely deformed character that has never been. Currently being released are girls who are suited for sailor uniforms "Huu (Haru)" and Luc is a trademark girl "Rin".What kinds of girls will appear in the future and what kind of transformation will they ...?

The official website includes a 360° feature that lets fans view the transformed girls from any angle. In addition, the website is currently streaming "mysterious gravure cameraman Falcon Katō's" fan-service video of Haru's transformation. In the second promo video, Rin turns into a pale pink sports car that somehow still manages to have visible panties from multiple angles.


Broadcasting Station: TOKYO MX

Broadcast Date and Time: From July 1, 2017 (Sat) to the Late-night

Broadcasting Unregistered Broadcasting Area: Kanto (50 km from the Sky Tree and 8 Tama Regions, 8 Islands)

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