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Alternative Titles

English: RalΩGrad

Japanese: BLUE DRAGON ラルΩグラド


Type: Manga

Volumes: 4

Chapters: 29

Status: Finished Publishing

Started Publishing: Dec 04, 2006

Finished Publishing: Jul 09, 2007

Genre: Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Shounen

Artist(s) Obata, Takeshi

Rating: G - All Ages


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Blue Dragon: RalΩGrado

G - All Ages. 29 Chapters .Finished Publishing


In Blue Dragon, shadows can fuse with their hosts. This is the history of the teenager, Ral, and his shadow, the Blue Dragon Grado, that his father, a king, imprisoned together in the dungeon of the castle when Ral was a young baby. One day, when the shadows besieges the castle, his personal educator, Mio, releases him to protect the castle and repel the shadows.

(Source: MU)

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