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Alternative Titles

Japanese: 太陽が落ちてくる


Type: Manga

Volumes: 3

Chapters: 19

Status: Finished Publishing

Started Publishing: May 28, 1997

Finished Publishing: Unknown

Genre: Drama, Ecchi, Hentai, Romance, School

Artist(s) Saki, Kaori

Rating: G - All Ages


Score: Unknown

Rank: 2462

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Taiyou ga Ochite kuru

G - All Ages. 19 Chapters .Finished Publishing


The 16 year-old Tsukasa moves to Tokyo to start living with her uncle after her mother passed away. It's difficult enough to move to a new place alone, but the second day that she moves in, she finds out that her uncle is an AV (Adult Video) director...

(Source: Wafflehouse)

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