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Alternative Titles

Japanese: 神様お願いっ!


Type: Manga

Volumes: 1

Chapters: 8

Status: Finished Publishing

Started Publishing: Aug 13, 2008

Finished Publishing: Unknown

Genre: Comedy, Demons, Ecchi, Shounen Ai, Vampire, Supernatural

Artist(s) Hiyoshimaru, Akira

Rating: G - All Ages


Score: Unknown

Rank: 22

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Kamisama Onegai!

G - All Ages. 8 Chapters .Finished Publishing


Every night, Akumu is plagued by dirty dreams. Determined to escape from them, he enters a school called St. Noel Gakuen, which is run by a handsome priest. Here Akumu meets the gorgeous Yagiri and promptly begins to dream about him, much to their mutual embarrassment. It turns out that Akumu is a succubus who's leaching the life from Yagiri, who turns out to be a vampire. But that's okay! Since the priest who runs the school is god who has the power to save them both - if they can stay on his good side!

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